Miss MuscleBox is a monthly
motivational box
delivered straight
to your doorstep.

We are here with a mission: to inspire, motivate and empower like-minded babes across the globe. 50,000 babes in fact, and counting.

We’re the workout buddy you have always dreamed of, here to guide you, give you that extra push, that extra bit of encouragement each month to make sure you are smashing all of your health and fitness goals.

So, how did we start?

We’re pretty proud to say we are a family owned business! The OG MuscleBox was started by my brother Harry and our cousin Nathaniel after they struggled to find a fitness subscription box that inspired people to live fit, healthy lifestyles.

While they were off developing MB, I had just opened a concept wholefoods cafe called Miss Bliss, a place where I could combine my passion and love for food with my nutrition, health and fitness background. After seeing the success of MuscleBox, and not wanting any babes to miss out, I jumped on board to create the Miss MuscleBox, filling the boxes with cute workout clothes, treats, and most importantly, words of encouragement and motivation to get you through each month. Together, the MuscleBox team have sent over 1 million boxes across the world!

With offices in the US and Australia, we are motivating women across the globe with their fitness journeys. Join our community of strong, supportive, confident women who will be here with you for every step of the way.

We know being your strongest self
isn’t always easy, but we believe in you.

This is why we have packed our boxes full of motivation and inspiration to keep you on track and your eyes on the goal, whether this be to improve your fitness, lose weight or become stronger.

Inside you will find guided workouts from our accredited trainers, the latest in fitness apparel, workout equipment and everyone’s favourite, a selection of delicious, healthy treats.

No two months are the same so each box will have something new and exciting to look forward to!

Looking forward to going on the MissMB journey with you.

Jacqui xx

Aussie Nutritionist/Co-Founder of MissMB